Sermon Preparation

Based on the Revised Common Lectionary


The editors of Synthesis
are nationally recognized ministers, educators, authors that Proclaim the faith daily.
Isabel Anders, M.A.
Paula Franck, M.T.S.
Rev. Dr. Susanna Metz
Michael C. Haigler, B.M.
Respected Writers
".. sweeps over...
texts and finds fresh
treasures in them...
he shows the rest of us
how to do the same"

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“Throughout … it is my fervent hope that you will see Scripture afresh; that you will hear it as a contemporary Word as well as an ancient Word.
My prayer is that you will begin to hear the written Word as a vehicle through which Jesus, the living Word, grasps you and lifts you into the reality of the Real.”

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Satisfied Ministers
When I was exhausted &
out of time, you gave me...
The Rev. R.H. Callaway
The Rev. Larry Britt,
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